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Measuring Employee Productivity In Today’s Workforce.

Looking to improve employee productivity? “Measuring Productivity in Today’s Workforce” teaches you how to assess valuable work and how to get more out of your employees in today’s work environment. Learn new methods for measuring productivity and improving it to maximize productivity, boost employee efficiency and create better quality work.


The Highlights

The Path To A Productive Workforce

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To truly understand productivity and improve it, busy work and valuable work (tasks that progress the company’s goals) should be separated and accounted for.



Collecting four key data points will tell you the true value of productivity within your workforce - task completion, efficiency, time worked and work quality.



Analyzing and understanding the results of each metric to identify areas where productivity needs improvement among your team. 

The Statistics

Why Does This Matter?

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5% Of Employees

Are currently fulfilling or reaching their productivity potential.

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80% Of Employees

Report that they often feel overworked in their current positions.

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2.4 Hours Per Day

Is the average amount of time spent on productive work.

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68% Productivity Decrease

When employees feel overworked, there is a 68% productivity decrease. 

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Ready to Take Productivity to the Next Level?

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Improving productivity starts here. Download our productivity checklist for step by step instruction on how to boost productivity among your team.